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CellAED® Defibrillator

£330.00 + VAT

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CellAED® is a personal defibrillator, designed to be easy to use with minimal training at an affordable price.

CellAED® is a handheld, smart personal AED, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

  • Easy to use under pressure in three steps: Snap Peel Stick®
  • Built-in audio voice prompts to guide you through the CPR and defibrillation steps
  • Fully integrated battery and gel pads
  • Product expiry of 2 years
  • Designed for your home, workplace and community

Why is this unit price so much lower?

This is a single patient AED so in the event of the device being used it will need to be replaced.  If you have taken out the subscription package this is included in the subscription cost.

Note: You’ll need to replace your CellAED®️ before it reaches it’s 2-year expiry. To ensure you always have a working CellAED®️ ready for use, we recommend adding CellAED for lifeTM – which is the most affordable way to own a CellAED®️.

The CellAED membership is a great way to maintain you device. If you use the device or when the battery requires replacing the monitoring centre will automatically dispatch you a replacement unit! To add this service on just add to your basket at the tie of purchase.

Additional Benefits
• Be the first to know about exclusive offers and benefits
• Free shipping & handling, including returns over the life of your membership

*Please note we are a stockist via the official reseller ProTrainings Europe. 

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