Lead Instructor
Mark Prothero

Being a firefighter for over 8 years has given me great basis for teaching first aid at all levels. I have been instructing first aid and trauma first aid for over four years in both the fire service to the public. I also volunteer for Hereford Football Club assisting with organising first aid cover as well as responding as a first aider at home games. My aim is to deliver top class content making learning a fun and engaging experience. My philosophy is that if students enjoy the learning experience they are far more likely to gain more long term skills and knowledge.

Why choose Hereford First Aid?

Tired of traditional boring, stuffy training? Want to learn some life-saving skills in a fun learning environment? Then look no further!

We deliver group bookings on-site/in-house as well as holding courses open to all individuals in Hereford. We aim to SAVE you money and give you the FLEXIBILITY to book the course at your convenience.

We offer FULLY ACCREDITED courses alongside our in-house training courses that can save you even more money!

We deliver the best rated courses in Hereford with the aim of being fun, interactive and cost effective.

All of our trainers are experienced emergency service personnel who have the most up-to-date training.

We now also offer a wide range of health and safety and social care online e-learning courses.