Covid-19 Update

After the announcement of a second lockdown on Friday we have obviously been concerned about the ability to run scheduled courses.  We have been seeking clarification from our Awarding Organisation who regulate our training on the continuation of first aid training during this period.
This afternoon we received the following response:
“At present we recommend you continue to deliver COVID safe training as usual with all guidance on COVID-19 applied. Please refer to the following documentation for further information: 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment
COVID-19 Screening Questions 
Providing Safe, Socially Distanced First Aid Training
CPR Manikin Hygiene Advice”
On this basis we currently plan on running our scheduled courses as normal with the above measures we have had in place for some time.  We know it is important to offer these courses as some businesses are still catching up from March and HSE compliances must still be met (if extensions currently in place do not apply).  
We have gone the extra mile on our courses reducing class sizes to a maximum of 8, 2m spacing, ensuring our learners have had access to their own manikin (no sharing) and minimal close contact and where necessary PPE provided if working closer than 2m (3 ply face masks, optional visors and plenty of sanitiser!).  

We want our learners to feel safe and confident with us.  If you have any further concerns about attending your upcoming course please let us know.

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