Banksman Training

Banksman Training

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Course Description

This course, will cover common vehicle reversing accidents and the crucial role played by the
banksman. It’ll also look at the controls and actions that can reduce the likelihood of such accidents.
The course will start by identifying the three main categories of reversing accidents – injuries to
pedestrians, damage to objects in the workplace and damage to street furniture along with coverage
of other types of accidents.

You’ll learn about the role of management in preventing reversing accidents, particularly the use of
risk assessments and Safe Systems of Work, plus the provision of appropriate Personal Protection

You’ll get an overview of the main legislation applying to banksmen’s’ activities, before examining
the actual role and the duties of banksmen on site, including safety rules, controls and guidelines.
The rules applying to drivers will also be covered, and we’ll look at the way drivers and banksmen
can work together safely.

Finally, we’ll cover vehicle hazard safety checks and the industry-standard hand and verbal signals
that banksmen can use during vehicle manoeuvres.