Qualitative Face Fit Testing


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Qualitative Fit Face Testing is designed for workplaces (dental, medical or any workplace requiring a higher level of protection) to meet the standards of the HSE, COSHH and UK resuscitation medical emergencies guidelines particularly when dealing with a medical emergencies.

Hereford First Aid will come to your workplace at a time that fits in with your schedule. We can even arrange for your yearly CPD medical emergency training and Face Fit Testing to happen on the same day as one package (Basic Life Support and Administration of Medicines). This will ensure you are meeting all your COSHH, HSE requirements.

Our Qualitative face fit testing is available with every make and model of mask from FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 disposable masks through to semi-disposable and reusable half masks. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in this field and offer a professional and personalised service to meet the needs of your workplace.

Our face fit testing, involves qualitative testing that results in matching an individual’s face shape with a compatible mask to ensure a tight seal is achieved. 

Qualitative Testing

  • Used only for disposable and half face masks.

  • The individual wears a hood over the head and shoulders and the tester sprays a bitter solution into the hood.

  • The wearer carries out a series of exercises, such as turning the head from side to side.

  • If the individual can taste the solution, there is a break in the mask’s seal. 

A face fit test is a simple 20 minute test. Ideally face fit testing should be carried out at mask selection stage, so employers can ensure the correct mask models and sizes can be purchased.  Repeat face fit testing should also be carried out on a regular basis (typically every one, two or three years depending on risk).

Face fit is a series of tests and exercises emulating a full range of facial movement to ensure an adequate seal is maintained.

Cost £300 for up to 6 people and then £30 for each additional person.